Eye dryness

Project Details

It is possible to divide Turkish Dry Eye market into three.

– The first group is people with dry eye symptoms who did not use any artificial tear drops before. These people are usually not aware of their problems and they connecting their problems they have on their eyes to fatigue, staying in front of the screen for long time etc. These are more cautious about the problem. We need to stress that they need to use artificial teardrops in order to get rid of the problems they face.

– The second group are people dry eye symptoms who used artificial teardrops before. These people are aware of their problem and more open to buy without consulting to a doctor. Product performance, natural ingredients and side effects are more important to this group. We need to stress the innovative polymer mix of Artelac, how natural it is and side effect advantages.

– The third group is lens users who have dry eye symptoms because of lens usage. the most important point to indicate to this group is the ability to use product without taking out the contact lenses.


– In our communication it is critical to focus on to problem, showing dry eye problems is critical. This will increase the awareness for the first group and will be catchy for the second group.
– We should have a more medical-cosmetic look in our communication. We want to give the impression of moisturizing eyes are as simple as moisturizing the skin.


We should give the following messages in our communication
– Artelac is effectively shooting out dry eye symptoms,
– It is a natural product, preservative free and do not have any side effects
– It protects cornea and there is no need to take out the lenses
– It is a proven product with clinical studies

  • Client:KIMM
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development,Print